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GTA 5 update arrives early, Rockstar wants to make you a trillionaire

The final GTA 5 heist update has arrived, and Rockstar is offering a special reward if all players can cumulatively earn trillions of open-world game dollars

GTA 5 update arrives early, Rockstar wants to make you a trillionaire

A new GTA 5 update has arrived, as Rockstar brings an end to the Heists event and offers up literally trillions of in-game currency to players of the open-world game. A new Heists challenge will close out the Grand Theft Auto Online event for the multiplayer game, and if a colossal community goal is reached, there’s going to be a special reward for all players.

All you need to do is take part in any Heist Finale between now and November 30 to push towards the community goal. That goal is to “hit a cumulative grand total of GTA $2 trillion to unlock a special reward coming later this year.”

We don’t know what the reward is yet, but Rockstar notes how the GTA 5 community can get lots of extra RP and GTA $ to push towards the goal, which we’ve listed below.

GTA 5 Heist Finale bonuses

  • Players can earn 2x GTA $ and RP on the Pacific Standard Job
  • 2x GTA $ and RP for all set up missions for classic heists
  • 1.5x GTA $ and RP for all prep missions for the Doomsday Heist

That’s not all though, as the latest GTA 5 update also comes jam-packed with more content, cosmetics, and ways to earn extra in-game currency and experience points too.

There’s a t-shirt with the classic GTA 5 “Wasted!” font on it, 2.5x GTA $ and RP on Pursuit races, and the same bonuses for bodyguards and associates, Martin Madrazo contact missions, and the hunting pack anniversary mode.

You can find all the details of the final GTA update on heists on the Rockstar Newswire, which includes plenty of discounts and extra details on what GTA+ members will be getting as well.

Rockstar has also cracked down on GTA roleplay servers that use NFTs, crypto, and loot boxes, which appears to be linked to a Take-Two takedown notice for a RP server for rapper Lil Durk.

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