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Your GTA 5 vehicles could vanish forever, as Rockstar works on bug fix

GTA 5 vehicles are normally protected, but a new bug in Rockstar’s San Andreas Mercenaries update means your Grand Theft Auto Online rides could vanish forever.

GTA 5 vehicle glitch: A man in a denim jacket with straggly hair, Trevor from Rockstar sandbox game GTA 5

21/6/23 Rockstar says it is aware of this issue and working to provide a fix. “We are aware of an issue with vehicles and the loss of vehicle insurance in GTA Online,” the developer says. “We are currently working to resolve this and will share an update as soon as it is available.”

GTA 5 vehicles are at risk of disappearing forever, as a new bug in the Rockstar sandbox game’s latest update reportedly deletes your insurance policies, meaning that if a purchased vehicle is destroyed, it is gone – permanently. The San Andreas Mercenaries update arrived for GTA 5 on June 13, removing some 195 cars from Grand Theft Auto Online’s normal vehicle repository, while also introducing a glitch that could delete vehicles if they were stored in certain garages. Now, as we await the GTA 6 release date, it may be wise to keep your most expensive purchases off the streets of Los Santos.

Normally in Grand Theft Auto 5, if you buy vehicles from Los Santos Customs, you can insure them for a small amount of in-game cash. Alternatively, cars purchased from the in-game internet come with insurance automatically. If for any reason your vehicle gets destroyed, so long as it’s insured, you can recover it for another small in-game fee.

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Now, however, there are multiple reports of a new bug in the San Andreas Mercenaries update, which deletes players’ insurance policies, rendering purchased vehicles unrecoverable.

In a variety of cases, players report losing their MK2 Oppressors, which cost 8 million in-game dollars. A purchasable Shark Card, gifting a GTA 5 player with 10 million in-game dollars, costs $99.99 (£59.99) in real money, although in-game cash can be earned in a variety of other ways.

Elsewhere, players report losing their Kreiger supercar and their Ruiner sports car purchased from Simeon during the earlier days of GTA Online.

“I literally lost my MK2 out of nowhere,” one player writes, in a lengthy thread warning about the bug. “I thought you guys were joking. This is real and real ridiculous.”

GTA 5 vehices bug: A tweet outling the insurance bug for vehicles in Rockstar sandbox game GTA 5


“A player destroyed my Oppressor MK2,” another player writes. “When that happened, a message popped up saying that my personal vehicle was destroyed, and to purchase insurance if I want to protect it for the future. I have had my Oppressor MK2 since its release, and with the price increase on it, I don’t want to purchase it again because of this new bug.”

The San Andreas Mercenaries update removes 195 vehicles from the typical in-game stores, though many of them are still available through other means. However, it has also reportedly introduced another bug whereby vehicles stored in the purchasable Mobile Operations Center would disappear. Rockstar has released a background update to resolve this issue.

Various players who have experienced the glitch involving deleted insurance policies say that they have submitted support tickets to Rockstar, which has since refunded their in-game cash. PCGamesN has contacted the developer for any comment regarding a permanent fix.

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