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Rockstar removes 195 GTA Online cars from sale

Grand Theft Auto 5 developer Rockstar removes nearly 200 GTA Online cars from sale to “streamline” the store, making it harder to get the rarest vehicles.

GTA Online removed cars - a person in a red puffer jacket and backwards baseball cap looks at their phone as explosions go off behind them.

Almost 200 GTA Online cars have been stripped out of the Grand Theft Auto 5 multiplayer game’s online store by Rockstar, in a move some players are calling “the worst update ever.” Citing a desire to streamline the browsing experience, the GTA developer has removed 195 vehicles from the in-game web stores, meaning they’re now only available through rotating events, as we wait for the GTA 6 release date to emerge.

In the Rockstar Newswire article on Thursday June 8, 2023, a bullet point notes that “Lesser-used vehicles will be removed from in-game websites to streamline the browsing experience.” Rockstar says, “These vehicles will be made available via events showrooms, The Lucky Wheel, and other places.”

While they’ll still be in the game, then, you won’t be able to actually buy these vehicles unless they come up in one of those rotating offerings – which typically hold a very limited selection. GTA+ subscribers will have more opportunities to grab them via the new Vinewood Club, but that’s not an option for PC players (or those on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One consoles).

The full list has been documented by users on GTA Forums and, while Rockstar notes that the vehicles are generally “lesser-used” ones, they do include some pretty tasty options that can stand among some of the best cars in GTA Online, such as the S80RR, the Stirling GT, the Tigon, the RE-7B, and the Zorrusso. In other cases, they’re ones with ‘fancier’ versions, such as the Voltic, Torero, and Cyclone, each of which has a more souped-up equivalent.

GTA Online - characters walk around the Vinewood Car Club, a specialist showroom for luxury cars.

“This is looking more and more like the worst update ever,” comments user ‘MGgames100,’ one of the people compiling the list of missing cars on the GTA Forums thread. Another user, ‘Goki Jet,’ concurs: “There is no way players can handle such a short notice and not knowing which cars will be removed. This is the worst update ever.”

To me, this feels like a weird solution to a niche problem. A search or filter option would have allowed players a way around the crowded store, or these vehicles could have instead been bucketed off into a new page for the less-popular offerings. Instead, we’re now left in a world where the rarest GTA Online cars just became even rarer – which, ironically, just might make them more desirable than ever before.

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