GTA Online’s weekly update boosts rewards on Deadline, Biker Sell missions

This week you can get the Karin Previon

Two GTA Online players going head-to-head in the Deadline mode

GTA Online‘s weekly update got off to a rockier start than we’re used to, but here we are. Players tried to jump in to see what’s new in Los Santos this week and were met with server issues that stopped them from logging in. That’s all fine and sorted now, though, so we can dig into what’s in the GTA Online weekly update this time around.

If you’re looking to raise some money this time around, you can get triple the usual rewards on the Deadline adversary mode. You all hop on Tron-style bikes and try to trip each other up with the light trails that shoot out the back of your vehicle – it’s great. If you fancy something else, though, you can get double the rewards on Biker Sell missions relating to cocaine and methamphetamine – well, it’s good to have options.

It’s a good week to get to the Karin Previon if you fancy it. All you have to do is place in the top five in a Los Santos Car Meet series race for four days in a row to claim the prize ride.

If you’re feeling lucky this week, the GTA 5 podium vehicle is the Outlaw. If you want to see the rest of the bonuses, check out the tweet below:

If you’re looking for some GTA 5 cheats or GTA 5 mods, you can follow those links. Sometimes it’s nice to play offline, especially when you can be Spider-Man.