GTA Online’s weekly update offers double rewards on yacht and plane missions

Smooth sailing.

It looks like a pretty good week to rack up some dosh in Los Santos. GTA Online players are mulling around to see what’s new in this week’s update ahead of Rockstar Game’s usual newswire post. While Rockstar doesn’t post its rundown until later on in the day, the weekly reset happens earlier than that so people can find out what’s new reasonably quickly.

This week you’re getting double the rewards on sea races, air races, the Stockpile adversary mode, A Superyacht Life missions, air freight, hidden caches, and treasure chests – phew! As you can probably tell, this is all themed around GTA Online’s yachts and planes. You’ve got a few decent options here for racking up some extra money in races or doing more open-world activities like cargo running. Even if you don’t fancy races, you can still rack up some money doing other activities.

Rockstar is also introducing a heap of discounts to help you get set up with what you need to tackle the missions. Several planes, such as the Jobuilt P-996 Lazer, are 40% off, and you’ll find that all hangers have been discounted by 60%, too. The Orion, Pisces, and Aquarius versions of the Galaxy Super Yacht are discounted by 50%.

If you’re feeling lucky, the GTA 5 podium car this week is the Bravado Verlierer. If you’d like to see a full list of the changes and discounts on offer, you can find them below:

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