GTA Online weekly update brings double rewards for survivals

And so, so many discounts

It’s Thursday, which means a new raft of discounts and bonuses have come to Los Santos. Rockstar typically reveals this in full later in the day, which it has now done, but the changes happen at reset, so GTA Online players have a mull around and find out what’s new for themselves – why wait, you know?

If you’re looking to make any extra dosh this week, you’ll find that cash and reward prizes are doubled for survival matches. The multiplayer game mode has been around for a while and involves defending yourself or another player from hordes of enemies. It can be played by up to four people, and unlocks after you hit level 15 in GTA Online.

It’s also looking like a wonderful week to deck out your Kosatka submarine if you, er, have one. You can get 25% off such features as guided missiles and the sonar station. There are discounts on various vehicles, too, such 40% off the Buzzard, Reaper, and Sea Sparrow. You’ll also find that the Coquette D10 is 30% off. Fancy trying your luck at the Diamond Casino’s Wheel of Fortune? The GTA 5 podium car is currently the Pegassi Toreador.

You’ll also find that the Maibatsu Manchez Scout motorbike is now available to purchase from Warstock Cache and Carry. Another vehicle you can add to your collection if you fancy it.

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