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Florida Joker says GTA 6 “took my life,” demands up to $2 million

The Florida Joker has accused Rockstar of stealing his likeness in the GTA 6 trailer while demanding millions from the developer as well.

GTA 6 Florida Joker: an orange and purple city skyline with a man with purple hair, orange jumpsuit and face with tattoos on it

The infamous Florida Joker is demanding that Rockstar Games sends him around $2 million for what looks to be a parody of his appearance in the new GTA 6 trailer. They first reacted to Rockstar’s new footage and shared comparisons, but are now demanding Rockstar give them something in return.

Lawrence Sullivan became known as the Florida / Miami Joker in 2017 after footage of their mugshot went viral, with their facial tattoos and dyed hair reminiscent of many cinematic versions of Batman’s most famous villain. Now that Sullivan has reacted to the new GTA 6 trailer, he’s demanding that Rockstar Games sends him money, for using his likeness in GTA 6.

“Everybody is saying that I’m hallucinating,” Sullivan says in a new TikTok. “That I’m not the Joker from GTA 6. Y’all out your goddamn nuggets.” Sullivan then compares the images of himself and the GTA 6 character from the sandbox game in a YouTube thumbnail, claiming that he’s who Rockstar “got the inspiration from.”

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The character in GTA 6 can be seen with an orange prison jumpsuit and purple hair, with plenty of facial tattoos, which is similar to Sullivan’s own appearance.

“We got to talk, GTA. Or you got to give me like a mil or two,” Sullivan adds, asking for anywhere between one and two million dollars for the character in the game. “Florida Joker ain’t having that, y’all took my likeness, y’all took my life.”

While we’re still waiting on any Grand Theft Auto 6 PC news, it’s safe to say that the once-in-a-generation release will come to the platform at some point, just as GTA 5 did before it.

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