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Rumored GTA 6 star and ex-Rockstar dev share a massive tease

GTA 6 is rumored to star Bryan Zampella as Jason, who just teamed up with an ex-Rockstar dev to share a big, Vice City-themed tease on the new Grand Theft Auto.

GTA 6 release date tease: A criminal in a red shirt, Michael from Rockstar sandbox game GTA 5, stares intently

GTA 6 will reportedly star Bryan Zampella as Jason, and, as we wait for official news on the Rockstar sandbox game, he’s been dropping a series of teases, ranging from the vague and speculative to the all-but obvious. We all want to know about the GTA 6 release date, or even just see some GTA 6 gameplay, but with GTA 5 still trucking along, it feels like the day may never come. Then again, you combine a Vice City shirt, a baseball bat, and a chat with a former Rockstar developer, and it looks like Zampella might have just brought us the biggest tease yet on the new Grand Theft Auto.

Back in 2016, Zampella shared a picture of himself with Joseph L. Rubino, who at the time was working at Rockstar as a camera artist. This was followed by another cryptic tease in 2017, where Zampella said “I know my way around a parking lot,” and then an image of the actor with the hashtag “#vicecity.”

Since then, Zampella, who is rumored to be starring as one of GTA 6’s co-protagonists, Jason, has uploaded pictures of himself wearing very Vice City-style Hawaiian shirts and Jason’s trademark backwards cap. Long-time Grand Theft Auto fans will remember Vice City’s fictionalized version of Miami that is also, reportedly, the setting for GTA 6.

Now, Zampella appears on Instagram wearing a blue-colored Hawaiian shirt almost identical to that of Tommy Vercetti, Grand Theft Auto Vice City’s iconic anti-hero.

Wielding a baseball bat, he sits down for a chat with – once again – Joseph Rubino, now a former Rockstar developer, working as the head of cinematics and storytelling at Netease North America. Throughout the conversation, which you can see below, courtesy of Twitter user ‘Kyetweets,’ Zampella drops some substantial hints about GTA 6.

“The community has started a bonfire where the flames have gone up to the stars,” Zampella says. “Let me get acquainted with them. And they should get acquainted with me, because we’re going to be together for a very long time.”

The actor goes on to say he has a lot of projects in the works, some of which he “can’t talk about.” He also says he is going to try and be more “accessible” and do live video casts “weekly,” potentially – just potentially – tipping that an official GTA 6 reveal could be imminent.

On that note, the latest GTA 5 update also contains an apparent hint that something big is coming from Rockstar soon, thanks to a super-secret message hidden inside a new cosmetic item.

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