GTA 5 update hides a secret message promising to “reveal all”

The new GTA 5 update, San Andreas Mercenaries, is hiding a secret message from Rockstar promising to one day “reveal all,” perhaps teasing some GTA 6 news.

GTA 5 update hides GTA 6 tease: Three characters, Trevor, Franklin, and Michael, from Rockstar sandbox game GTA 5 stand in a line

The latest GTA 5 update, San Andreas Mercenaries, builds out your wardrobe and customization options with a slew of new clothes and outfits. It seems like standard stuff, but for the eagle-eyed, Grand Theft Auto 5 devout, there is a secret message, seemingly from sandbox game creator Rockstar itself, that could well be a tease about GTA 6 – or perhaps something even more mysterious. GTA 6 release date coming soon? We can only hope.

GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries launches today, June 13. With new missions, characters, weapon upgrades, and gear, it’s yet another in a long line of GTA 5 updates that have kept the open-world game going for over a decade.

We’ve already had a few apparent GTA 6 teases from Bryan Zampella, the actor potentially playing co-protagonist Jason. Now, after some careful investigation and basic cryptography, it seems like there’s another Grand Theft Auto mystery to be solved.

Head into one of Los Santos’ many clothes shops and you can find a new batch of ‘GTA 5 Anniversary’ t-shirts. One of these, the cryptically named ‘??? Tee’ is covered in what seems to be a random collection of numbers. However, with a little detective work, this subtle enigma becomes a very curious hidden message.

GTA 5 update teases GTA 6: A shirt from Rockstar sandbox game GTA 5 teasing something

In full, the t-shirt contains this string of numbers: 15140504012523091212180522050112011212. Seems impossible. But all you need to do is find a basic ‘A1Z26’ number-to-letter convertor. All this does is translate each number to its corresponding letter in the English alphabet. 1 is A, 2 is B, 3 is C, and so on.

Using this simple conversion, that string of numbers becomes much more intriguing, a message from Rockstar, seemingly hinting at… something. Fully translated it reads ‘ONE DAY WILL REVEAL ALL.’ Originally uncovered by GTA Net, we’ve tested the translation ourselves and, yep, it’s right there in black and white.

GTA 5 update teases GTA 6: A tweet showing a decoded message from the new GTA 5 update

So, what could it be? We’ve heard rumblings that GTA 6 could launch in 2024, so it must be time soon, surely, for a full, official trailer.

Alternatively, this could hint at one of the many GTA Online mysteries, perhaps something to do with the UFOs from 2022, or maybe a coming Halloween event. That would be cool, kind of, but let’s be honest: after ten years and so much speculation, all we really want now is some GTA 6 stuff. ‘One day,’ we can keep telling ourselves, ‘will reveal all.’

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