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GTA 6 fan storms live TV demanding to know about Vice City

GTA 6 is on its way, as Rockstar launches Red Dead Redemption remaster, but one Grand Theft Auto fan wants answers, storming live TV to ask about Vice City.

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GTA 6 is presumably on its way, and hopefully soon. Though Rockstar Games has recently been busy with the Red Dead Redemption remaster, and continuing to update GTA 5, we’re all waiting for news on the GTA 6 release date. One Grand Theft Auto fan is perhaps more eager than the rest of us, however, storming a live TV show to ask about sandbox game sequel GTA 6 and the apparent return to Vice City.

Grand Theft Auto Online is still going strong, and you can keep Los Santos alive with the best GTA 5 mods. But naturally, our minds are on Grand Theft Auto 6, which is rumored to take place in Vice City, and build on the formula from Red Dead Redemption 2. One fan, however, is seemingly struggling to contain their anticipation, storming a live TV show in Germany to ask about Rockstar’s next game.

The unidentified person walks onto the set of Doppelpass, a German show about the Bundesliga football league, co–presented by former Bayern Munich and international player Stefan Effenberg. After some hurried questions about GTA 6 and Vice City, another participant in the TV show throws a bottle of water over the invader, who is then quickly hurried away.

Long-time GTA fans might recognize the intruder as the same person who, in 2021, interrupted German game show Beat The Star to also ask questions about GTA 6. “Where the hell is GTA 6?” the invader asked the host of Beat The Star. “I’m still waiting for GTA 6.”

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It is now almost ten years since Grand Theft Auto 5 launched in September 2013, with no official word yet given on the possible GTA 6 launch or where the game will take place. With five years between Grand Theft Auto 4 and GTA 5, this is the longest-ever period between GTA releases.

But there’s still plenty to do in Grand Theft Auto 5. Check out the best GTA RP servers, if you’re tired of all the heists and hijinx, or maybe the best GTA 5 cheats, refreshed every month.