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The realistic new FPS blowing up on Steam just got even better

Gray Zone Warfare, a realistic military FPS in the vein of Arma 3, Ready or Not, and Escape From Tarkov, just got better with a new update.

The realistic new FPS blowing up on Steam just got even better: A brunette woman, from Gray Zone Warfare.

Gray Zone Warfare has performed exceedingly well since it launched on Steam, but it hasn’t come out without its share of problems. Since its launch, the game — a new spin on Arma 3, Ready or Not, and Insurgency: Sandstorm’s tactical FPS formula — has been plagued by a number of bugs, including a pretty substantial one that’s seen player avatars quite literally losing their heads after hopping in and out of a server. Fortunately, creator Madfinger Games has been quick to address issues like these, with the latest essential patch coming in today’s hotfix.

Gray Zone Warfare players have been dealing with the loss of character customization features, including clothes and, worse, their entire heads disappearing, after rejoining a server in the FPS game. In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Madfinger Games addressed this and other issues, detailing what’s included in its Hotfix 3.

The patch includes fixes to problems such as matchmaking cancellation, friends panel and UI crashes, DLC items showing up in the player’s stash after being claimed, and, of course, the glitch that makes clothes, containers, and heads disappear. Alongside this, server connections have been improved as well, which should make joining a game faster than before.

The realistic new FPS blowing up on Steam just got even better: A screenshot of Gray Zone Warfare's X post detailing bug fixes.

The post instructs players to exit the game from its base camp, restart Steam by setting their account to offline and then back online, and then “update with your whole Squad” to make sure the new hotfix does its job.

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