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Grimace Shake codes December 2023

You know the meme, now get the latest Grimace Shake codes for the Roblox horror game to earn some free coins by using our redemption steps below.

Grimace Shake codes: A close up of to wide eyes on the front of a large purple fact, Grimace's face, with the remnants of ketchup staining its mouth.

What are the new Grimace Shake codes? Unless you’ve been buried under the parking lot of a McDonald’s restaurant in recent weeks, there’s no way you’ll have missed the terrifying Grimace Shake meme, in which anyone who tasted the celebratory purple shake met their untimely demise in one of a few horrifying ways. Well, the meme has now reached Roblox, and we’ve been playing the asymmetrical horror game to get the latest Grimace Shake codes for you.

Given how frightful Ronald McDonald and his friends are, it doesn’t surprise us to see the meme naturally lending itself to the horror game format. Grimace Shake is similar to Piggy, Dog, and other such asymmetrical horror games on Roblox, in which you play as a survivor, solving puzzles to try and escape the building. You can also control Grimace with the sole challenge of killing everyone before they escape. Using our Grimace Shake codes, you can gain instant access to more coins to gain an in-game advantage. And don’t worry, that’s ketchup on Grimace’s mouth… apparently. If you still don’t want to risk it, we’ve got some safer code guides, like those for Project Polaro codes, Anime Adventures codes, and Blox Fruits codes for more freebies.

Grimace Shake codes: A purple Grimace stands in front of the bathroom in a fast food restaurant, wielding a knife in its right hand, and wearing a fries hat.

New Grimace Shake codes

  • 10kbro – 250 Coins
  • 7500kthumbs – 250 Coins
  • 5000kthumbs – 200 Coins
  • 3000likes – 150 Coins
  • 2000likes – 150 Coins
  • 1500likes – 100 Coins
  • 1000likes – 100 Coins
  • 500likes – 50 Coins
  • 100likes – 10 Coins

Expired codes

  • Finale
  • 400kmembers
  • 150kmembers
  • 200kmembers

A screen showing how to redeem Grimace Shake codes in the roblox game, with Grimace's eyes close up on their large purple face in the background.

How do I redeem Grimace Shake codes?

To redeem codes in Grimace Shake, follow these simple steps:

  • Log into Grimace Shake
  • Click ‘Play’ to enter the game
  • Hit the ‘Codes’ button on the left-hand side of the screen
  • Enter the code and click ‘Submit’

How do I get more Grimace Shake codes?

As with most Roblox codes, you’ll usually be able to find more on the developer’s various social media pages, including Discord and Twitter. The next code should arrive when the game hits 15,000 likes, so make sure to hit like on the Grimace Shake Roblox launch page if you’re a fan, and we’ll update our list as soon as that – and any other new code – is announced.

While it might be easy to enter Grimace Shake codes and earn those precious coins, we can’t promise it’s that easy to escape the purple blob… Milkshake… Taste bud? Whatever it is, it’s scary. Once you’ve had enough of trying to break free from a terrifying fast food restaurant, there are still loads of other Roblox promo codes to be redeemed for some of the other best Roblox games right now.