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Punishing co-op FPS from ex Payday devs is briefly a free Steam game

Ahead of 10 Chambers' Payday 3 rival Den of Wolves, the studio's previous FPS GTFO is a free Steam game for a limited time and on sale.

GTFO free game: two black sci-fi masks on a red background

GTFO, the four-player co-op shooter from key developers behind Payday and Payday 2, is a free Steam game this weekend. So if you’re looking for something like Payday 3 but with one of the most immaculately grungy sci-fi atmospheres ever put to screen, you can briefly squad up with your friends to see if it’s for you. Then there’s a Steam sale, if you want to play more while you wait for 10 Chambers’ next game, Den of Wolves.

With the Den of Wolves release date on the way, the previous 10 Chambers game GTFO is currently a free Steam game for the weekend, giving you and your mates the perfect excuse to squad up in some FPS action. You’ll need to descend into The Complex, and co-ordinate with your team to sneak and explore to power up.

GTFO is free to play on Steam until Monday, December 11, and you can grab the game for 40% off until Thursday, December 21 so expect to pay $23.99 / £20.99. You can check out nine minutes of gameplay below.

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Considering how 10 Chambers was founded by Ulf Andersson, a key designer on Payday and Payday 2, you’d be right in thinking that GTFO has some of the co-op FPS DNA perfected in those games.

In fact, 10 Chambers just announced its new game Den of Wolves at The Game Awards with a trailer. While GTFO was less about heisting than Payday, Den of Wolves is seeing 10 Chambers enter the genre for itself, and it’s got an incredibly heavy sci-fi and cyberpunk twist on it.

Former Payday designer and Den of Wolves designer Simon Wiklund told PCGamesN all about how they feel regarding Payday 3, with the main takeaway being that they hope to rival Starbreeze’s FPS by the time Den of Wolves comes out.

If you want to give GTFO a shot and rope some friends into trying it this weekend too, you can find it on Steam right here. GTFO also has a very positive reception from 36,000 reviews on Steam and the big, free 8.0 update is also sending the game off with a bang, so now’s the time to try it.

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