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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy sale makes it really cheap

A Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy sale on the Square Enix website is currently selling Steam keys for the action RPG superhero game for a very low price

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is really cheap right now: Starlord leaps into the air holding his twin blasters

A Guardians of the Galaxy sale lets you get your hands on the superhero game for a surprisingly low price. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is an action RPG released to near-universal praise back in 2021, with critics surprised by how well Square Enix nailed the tone and quirkiness of the original source material. Coupled with the gorgeous visuals and inspired soundtrack, the game was a hit, at least in its reception. Sales figures, however, not so much.

There’s a moment during a battle where you draw your comrades close, hear their concerns, and riposte with your own rousing speech. You tell them that maybe today is a good day to die, surrounded by friends, pull out your blasters and jump headfirst into the innumerable foes you face. The strength given to your shipmates is felt tenfold in yourself because you have a secret weapon; George Michael.

A click of your Walkman and Wham! blasts through your headphones, giving you the bloodlust needed to defeat your enemy, the way only Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go can.

If you haven’t had a chance to play Guardians of the Galaxy yet, and don’t have a subscription to Game Pass (which, given the value on offer, you probably should), Square Enix is currently selling US Steam keys for $6 on their website. That’s an absurdly, astonishingly, low price for a AAA title that’s less than a year old.

Because Square Enix specifically states that it is a US Steam key, it’s likely that this won’t transfer to any European accounts, for those on that side of the pond. Those of us residing in the UK still have to fork out nearly £60 for the privilege of adventuring with our tree friends.

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As mentioned previously, Guardians of the Galaxy is available on Game Pass for those of us with a subscription. To find out what’s coming to Game Pass soon, and what’s leaving, check out this guide here. For other non-Wham! related games, we have something on all the most exciting upcoming PC games coming this year – and beyond.