You can play Guilds Wars 2 Secrets of the Obscure right now

The new Guild Wars 2 expansion, Secrets of the Obscure, is available to play right now, adding a whole new area and fresh daily and weekly systems.

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If you thought you’d have to wait another five excruciating years for a new Guild Wars 2 expansion, then I have news for you. Arenanet has decided to release smaller, bite-sized Guild Wars 2 adventures with greater frequency, and Secrets of the Obscure marks the beginning of a new era for the age-old MMORPG.

With the Elder Dragon era of Guild Wars 2 coming to a dramatic close in End of Dragons, our adventure begins anew in the stunning Skywatch Archipelago, a series of floating islands hovering high above Tyria. Unfortunately, these cloudy bastions are under attack from the Kryptis, a demonic force that’s set to replace the Elder Dragons as Guild Wars’ primary antagonists.

To root them out, you’ll have to dive deep into the Demon Realm, but to eradicate them entirely you’ll need to use a few shiny new tools. There’s the new relic equipment slot that houses a host of rune set bonuses, the Heart of the Obscure that allows you to unlock doors and create supportive items to help you on your journey, and, last but not least, profession weapons will now be available as core proficiencies. Simply put, you can use the former elite specialization weapons without needing their corresponding trait line.

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I recently attended a preview for Secrets of the Obscure and, before my entire system shut down and yeeted me out of the event (it’s worth picking up one of the best gaming PCs, trust me), I was really struck by just how beautiful the Skywatch Archipelago is. They’re perfect for all of those flying mounts I’ve hoarded – and there’s good news for my fellow flying enthusiasts, too.

The beloved Skyscale mount from Path of Fire is now a lot easier to obtain, and has a slew of new masteries. You’ll be able to zip around the Tyrian skyline like never before, and I am so incredibly excited.

To top it all off, there’s the new Wizard’s Tower, which will provide you with new daily and weekly instance rotations where you can accrue some sweet new gear – all the better for slaying demons with.

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The Guild Wars 2 Secrets of the Obscure release date is set for Tuesday, August 22, meaning you can get it on Steam or via the official website right now for $24.99 / £21.99. 

Thankfully, this isn’t just a one-shot expansion, as Arenanet has confirmed that content patches will drop throughout the expansion’s life cycle, accessible for free. While you wait for those, I suggest checking out our list of the best fantasy games, as well as all of the best dragon games on PC if you’re missing the Elder Dragons.