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One of Steam’s best MMORPGs is having a massive sale with free bonuses

This Guild Wars 2 Steam sale offers up so much of the DLC for over 50% off, and even encourages new players with free bonuses as well.

Guild Wars 2 Steam sale

Guild Wars 2 is currently having a massive Black Friday sale and program to help welcome in brand new players, as the MMORPG has also been on Valve’s Steam platform for just over a year. So if you’ve been looking for a reason to give the game a go, or to finally dive into some of the expansions, now’s the time.

While Guild Wars 2 has been around for over a decade, it hasn’t been on Steam that long. The MMORPG wants to welcome new and returning players alike with a brand new Steam sale though, which makes the free-to-play game’s premium expansions much cheaper while offering up bonuses to new players to help fast-track them through the early stages of the game.

As of right now, you can get the Guild Wars 2 Elder Dragon Sage edition for 50% off, so expect to pay $49.67 / £43.27 until Tuesday, November 28.

This deal includes the first two major Guild Wars 2 expansions, Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire, the third expansion End of Dragons, and Living World, a series of story content releases that serve as episodic interludes between expansions. Please note that the further expansion that was released this year, Secrets of the Obscure, is not on sale. We do have a look at the best Black Friday deals across PC gaming and tech though.

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This deal also comes with two level 80 boosts as well, which do exactly what you think they will and let you get strong characters and jump into the latest content. After all, it can be hard to find the time to get set up for MMO expansions as a returning player, never mind actually play them.

If, like me when I started the free trial for fellow MMO FF14, you’re unsure about committing all that money to a free game, ArenaNet has an answer. You can start playing right now and net a handful of bonuses, and if they help you decide you like the game enough to buy the DLCs, they’re on sale as mentioned.

From now until Tuesday, December 5 all players (so not even just newbies) get 50% extra XP from all sources, a 30% boost to Magic Find, a 30% PvP reward boost, and a 30% boost to World v World activities too. Also, if you complete five events in a starting zone you’ll get a Dreambound weapon. You can only get one of these per account but they level as you do, making them perfect for new players to feel like they’re staying in the game.

Guild Wars 2 Steam sale

You’ll find Guild Wars 2 on Steam right here, with the sale for the MMO still active. As a reminder, the Guild Wars 2 Steam sale ends on Tuesday, November 28.

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