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Forgotten Half-Life 2 mod from 2007 suddenly has 1,700% more players

It's been an incredible month for Age of Chivalry, with the legendary Half-Life 2 mod attracting 1,700% more players in the past 30 days.

Gordon Freeman from Half-Life 2, with Age of Chivalry background

It may just be an off-shoot of the hugely popular Half-Life 2, but Age of Chivalry is enjoying an unbelievable resurgence of late, with thousands of players giving the RPG mod their time and attention over the last month like never before.

2007 was the golden era for Half-Life 2 mods. The Hidden, which pioneered the asymmetrical multiplayer genre, arrived in September, followed by the first version of Zombie Panic Source three months later. But while Valve’s epochal FPS game could seemingly be adapted into different types of shooters and online deathmatches, least of all the definining Day of Defeat and Counter-Strike, the world of Gordon Freeman could also be turned into a full-blown RPG. Ambitious and visionary, for years now, Age of Chivalry has been largely neglected in terms of a repeat player base. But that’s suddenly all changed.

Age of Chivalry has seen its user count spike dramatically in the last 30 days, with a particular jump in the last seven days. Throughout January, according to Steam Charts, Age of Chivalry has achieved a peak player count of 1,748, which is an unfathomable 1729.38% increase from December, where the peak player count was stagnating at a lowly 13.

Steam Charts stats for Age of Chivalry over the last few months

There doesn’t appear to be any particular reason for the phenomenal increase in players diving into Age of Chivalry, but there is an intriguing pattern of players swarming to the mod over the weekends, where it’s enjoyed a 24-hour peak of 904 players. Even during the week when things are a little quieter, we are still seeing hundreds of gamers diving into medieval combat.

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You can add Age of Chivalry to your gaming collection over on Steam for free right now. Alternatively, you should check out Chivalry Medieval Warfare, the full, standalone game that Age of Chivalry eventually grew into.

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