Half-Life: Alyx cast: all the voice actors confirmed so far

We’ve got a new voice actor for Alyx Vance, and is that Rhys Darby?

G-Man voice actor

The Half-Life: Alyx cast includes a mix of veteran voice actors from the original series and newcomers. We’ve got a new voice actor for the series’ first ever voiced protagonist, Alyx Vance, and few confirmed voice actors for other crucial roles. However, there’s still plenty we don’t know about the cast of Half-Life: Alyx, and with iconic characters like G-Man making an appearance in the trailer we’re eager to know as much as possible.

Incredibly, we already know a great deal about Half-Life: Alyx after a surprisingly open interview with journalist Geoff Keighley, not to mention the Half-Life: Alyx gameplay trailer. Of the details revealed, we know roughly how long Half-Life: Alyx is, that you’ll be able to make your own mods, and that the Half-Life: Alyx release date is just around the corner.

The dedicated community has already grouped together to confirm as many of the cast members for the new Half-Life game (we still can’t believe we finally get to say this), but there are still a few more likely castings and unknowns on the list. So, in an effort to keep this as organised as possible we’ve assembled as much of the Half-Life: Alyx cast below.

Here is the Half-Life: Alyx cast:

  • Ozioma Akagha – Alyx Vance
  • James Moses Black – Eli Vance
  • Mike Shapiro – G-Man
  • Tony Todd – Vortigaunts
  • Ellen McLain – Combine Overwatch Broadcasts
  • Rhys Darby – Russel [rumoured]

Of course this still leaves a few key characters unaccounted for, but at least every character who’s present in the trailer has a confirmed voice actor. Rhys Daryby has tweeted a couple of the Half-Life: Alyx reveal posts, suggesting he has a role on the project, and many fans have already linked Darby’s strong New Zealand accent with the scientist character Russel from the trailer.

Thanks to PC Gamer.