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Halo Infinite ‘Firefight’ using campaign AI in Forge is “top of mind”

A question to 343 Industries has revealed that down the line a Halo Infinite Firefight mode could be made by fans in the FPS game, but no promises

Halo Infinite 'Firefight' using campaign AI in Forge is "top of mind": the weapon smirking

There is no Halo Infinite Firefight game mode, but a question to 343 Industries about Halo Infinite Forge suggests that somewhere down the line the tools might be there for fans to make Firefight themselves via campaign AI. There are no promises or official dates for any of this, but it once again shows that 343 is aware of what the community wants, and is constantly figuring out what to add to the FPS game and when.

Some of the developers at 343 Industries gathered at the community stage at the Halo World Championship in Seattle, where they talked about community feedback, future plans for the multiplayer game, and more.

Some of the key comments come from Forge design lead Michael Shore and multiplayer creative director Tom French, who answers a fan question at the event about at some point being able to create something like Firefight in Forge. This then led the team on stage to address “the campaign AI question [in Forge]”.

“That is top of mind, obviously I can’t really talk about much. We have all heard that, we’ve heard the message loud and clear,” says Shore.

“Like in Halo 5 when people figured out how to drop bots in there [Forge] and they’re like ‘idiots we’ve got AI in here’ and I was like ‘that’s a turret, because it doesn’t move,’” adds French. He then says the bots couldn’t move because of NavMesh (at the time), continuing on to explain how 343 Industries is building things up over time before saying to the person asking the question that it’s hypothetical that Firefight could come to Forge down the line.

We’ve clipped the entire Halo Infinite Forge community stage interview for you below, if you’d like to hear more from the team.

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French’s mention of Halo 5 calls back to how players found out a way to script some basic aggressive AI through that game’s Forge mode, which (on paper) showed how players could make their own Firefight-esque mode. 343 appears to be hammering home something similar here, saying that over time once all the relevant tools are introduced, players might be able to make something like Firefight.

Keep in mind that this a hypothetical and not a promise, suggesting that 343 has no current plans to add in a Firefight mode itself, instead focusing on other areas of development.

If you’ve got a hankering for more Halo Infinite news, there was some recent news on the Halo Infinite match XP system coming in the Winter Update, which 343 says has been tuned for quicker levelling than the challenged-based system. The Halo Infinite new multiplayer mode from Certain Affinity is also set to be “something big and new” for the series as well.