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Halo Infinite players accidentally think battle royale is on the way

With no official word on a Halo Infinite battle royale mode, a recent 343 Industries tweet has gone wrong as many thought it was teasing just that.

Halo Infinite players accidentally think battle royale is on the way

The heavily rumored Halo Infinite battle royale game mode is still front of mind for many it seems, as a recent tease from 343 Industries has been misread by many fans thinking it meant the new mode was on the way. While Halo Infinite could still get battle royale content, it looks like this tease just got the better of everyone.

Rumors of a Halo Infinite battle royale mode have been doing the rounds since before Xbox’s big live service game even released back in 2021, but it seems that anticipation for something that may never come is at a fever pitch after many fans mistook an event tease for the potential battle royale mode instead.

On Wednesday, June 21, 2023 the official Halo Twitter account posted a teaser for an upcoming event with the text “6.27.23” and a little radiation emoji. This was accompanied by a logo, some orange fog, and nothing else, sending the community into overdrive as to what it could mean.

With 10,000 likes and 3.4 million views as of Saturday, June 24, it’s safe to say this got people’s attention. The Halo account doesn’t typically get over 1,000 likes on a tweet or even one million impressions, so it’s clear that this tease was of interest.

Halo Infinite players accidentally think battle royale is on the way

The problem is, it’s not for the long-fabled Halo Infinite multiplayer mode, it’s for a Fracture event and a free ten-tier battle pass. Even the radiation emoji has been used for loads of Season 4 content, so it’s a shame that this tease got away from everyone and became something else entirely.

The tweet was teasing an event called “Hazmat” that runs from June 27 to July 11. This will give you “free rewards to outfit your new HAZMAT armor” and most likely feature some new limited-time game modes. These free limited-time events are usually pretty good fun and offer up a good break from the regular battle passes while giving new Spartan suits good rewards, so while it isn’t even close to a battle royale mode, it’s still great.

I can see where the confusion comes from though as all the hazmat stuff in Halo Infinite, alongside a tease with a logo next to no one has seen and some dangerous-looking clouds, could be viewed as battle royale related. It’s not deliberate or anything, but it is an unfortunate circumstance. Do keep in mind that there’s no official word of a Halo battle royale, so it could never actually come out.

That said, Halo Infinite Season 4 is scrapping the best way to see your custom Spartan, while a recent Halo-specific livestream did show how the new season is packed with great additions and changes. So just like since launch, the shooter continues to have its ups and downs, with some great gameplay underneath it all.

If you’re still holding out for a Halo Infinite battle royale game mode, we’ve got the next best thing with some of the best multiplayer games and co-op games currently available for PC, both of which will keep you busy while waiting.