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Halo Infinite may be getting a battle royale mode

A datamine of the Halo Infinite beta has uncovered a file that strongly suggests that the game will get a battle royale mode.

Halo Infinite battle royale

The first-ever Halo Infinite beta is currently wrapping up, and Halo players on PC and Xbox are enjoying the fun multiplayer offering in this weekend’s technical preview. However, a datamine of the beta by determined fans has uncovered a voice file that strongly suggests that a Halo Infinite battle royale mode may be coming.

The beta datamine has already revealed some major details fans weren’t previously aware of, including the existence of multiple single-player/co-op campaigns – which at least had been hinted at by the dev team – and a terrifyingly large amount of story spoilers, including plot moments, mission details, and at least one twist.

This new leak is probably the simplest, and yet the most far-reaching in its implications. Originally posted on ResetEra, it’s a simple voice file recording. The voice is that of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer announcer, where they say the game mode at a match start. It’s only two words, but these two words are enough to put the frighteners into any Halo fan – “battle royale”.

You can hear the short clip below, and it’s pretty unambiguous. However, it could be a simple game mode in the battle royale style rather than an expansive mode like Fortnite – which Master Chief has been in, by the way – or Battlefield 5’s Firestorm. It also could be an unused file that developer 343 Industries recorded just in case.

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We certainly won’t know until 343 or Microsoft decides to reveal it, but given the popularity of the battle royale genre, it’s not a stretch to imagine a mode could be in the works for Halo Infinite’s free multiplayer. Either way, there’s a strong possibility we’ll find out in November.