Halo Infinite campaign co-op flight has begun

The test flight for the Halo Infinite co-op campaign has begun, but the way to get in depends on which version of the game you own

Master Chief standing in front of a red prison chamber

You can now jump in and try out the Halo Infinite co-op campaign. The test flight for the feature has begun, and runs July 15 – August 1. In the FPS game’s campaign co-op, all members of a fireteam will share progress, and 343 says it’s designed so that you’ll be able to carry that progress back to your individual save file.

The test flight includes the Halo Infinite campaign, but you won’t be able to use multiplayer, the academy, or customisation while participating. You’ll be able to access the flight if you’re an Xbox Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, or if you’ve already purchased the campaign. Players on Steam will only be able to participate if they receive an invite, and the Steam key for the flight can be found on Halo Waypoint.

During the campaign co-op test flight, you’ll be able to replay any missions you’ve already finished using Mission Replay. Just open the TacMap and find the icon for the mission you want to replay, select Replay Mission and select the active skulls and difficulty you’d like to use. Any weapons you’re holding will be taken into the mission with you.

To return to your place in the campaign, either finish the mission or reopen the TacMap and select the mission you were on, and you’ll go back to the furthest point you had reached in the campaign.

Here’s how Halo Infinite will be handling co-op progression. When a fireteam leader starts a session, every member of the fireteam will receive a prompt to select their save file. The team’s progression is an aggregation of all fireteam members’ progress, and any progress made during the co-op session will be reflected in each individual’s save file at the end of the session.

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Collectibles like data pads and skulls will appear if any member of the fireteam has not yet collected them, and if any member picks up a collectible, they’ll be unlocked for all members of the team. These items will only not appear if everyone in the fireteam has already unlocked them.

343 says it’s encouraging players to file bug reporting tickets for any issues they have during the flight, particularly having to do with the save file system.