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Halo Infinite co-op campaign bug is apparently there “by design”

One Halo Infinite co-op campaign player has observed a “bug” relating to vehicles, but claims 343 Industries has responded to them to say it’s “by design”

Halo Infinite co-op campaign bug: Master Chief in full Spartan armour looks into the distance

UPDATE: 343 Industries has responded to PCGamesN regarding this story, saying it “does not have any official comment at this time”. Our original story appears below:

The Halo Infinite co-op campaign has allegedly been reported to 343 Industries for containing a bug that affects vehicles and Marines, but now the FPS developer has supposedly responded, explaining that the apparent glitch is actually in the game “by design”.

One Halo Infinite co-op campaign player with the username oGxSKiLZz117 noticed that, when playing the game online, the AI Marines that accompany Master Chief would only enter vehicles that were occupied or driven by the player hosting the co-op server – both players could have Warthogs, and enough Marines to fill them, and lead a dramatic charge on the Banished, but the soldiers would only mount up on the host’s vehicle, leaving the other co-op player by themselves. This apparent bug was supposedly reported to 343 via its official support channels, and the developer is claimed to have responded.

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The player responsible for reporting the bug shares an image, saying it is a screenshot of an official response received from 343, wherein the studio apparently explains “the behaviour you have noticed about the Marines only entering the Fireteam leader or host’s vehicle is by design”. PCGamesN has contacted both 343 and Halo Infinite’s publisher Microsoft for confirmation that the response is official, and that this alleged bug is in fact in the FPS intentionally. We will update this story when we receive a response.

Halo Infinite co-op campaign bug: an alleged response from 343 Industries

Meanwhile, players have commented on the behaviour of Marines in the Halo Infinite co-op campaign, arguing that the companion’s AI, whether it is the result of a bug or not, leaves the FPS game world feeling “empty”.

“I think this actually contributes a lot to how empty and dead the world in Infinite feels,” writes one player. “Nothing’s ever going on, nobody’s moving around. All the Marines are at their FOBs or little sites waiting to be rescued, save for a few scripted missions with them. The game would have felt so much more alive if you were prone to running up on Marine patrols on the roads that would get locked into random fights with patrolling Banished.”

“The Marines’ AI in Infinite is really basic,” writes another player. “It breaks inmersion when you are supposed to be leading the remnants of the infinity forces in the ring but are unable to give orders, and Marines can barely think by themselves.”

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