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Halo Infinite Forge shows off a giant grunt and new building features

The Halo Infinite Forge mode comes out this November, and 343 Industries has shared footage of the new building mechanics and features coming to its FPS

Halo Infinite Forge shows off a giant grunt and new building features: Spartan with a skull helmet wields an energy sword

The upcoming Halo Infinite Forge mode has been shown off in an in-depth video from developer 343 Industries, illustrating how you can create some truly incredible custom maps and game modes in the FPS come November.

After 343 Industries went through the build mechanics and capabilities in Halo Infinite’s Forge mode in a recent video, community sentiment towards the game has shifted somewhat. A lot of players can see the never-ending capabilities with the Forge mode, and how it could be used to breathe new life into the FPS game via multiplayer maps, game modes, and wacky creations.

Halo Infinite’s Forge is going to have a slew of new features that are exciting fans, as players will be able to duplicate objects, use new undo and redo keys, and snap objects directly to the ground. All objects can also be resized and flattened, leading to what the developers dubbed a “Giga Grunt” — a Grunt the size of Godzilla. There’s also going to be colossal terrain pieces, and the ability to preview a piece before you start placing it in the world.

Most interestingly, though, players that save custom built assets made up of smaller pieces and effects can actually share them with others, allowing for widespread community building projects and the option to import specific creations into your own Forge maps.

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It should also be noted that the player budget for Halo Infinite Forge has increased as well, meaning the total object count is incredibly high while you build your maps, letting you get even more creative and over-the-top with ideas.

The Halo Infinite Forge mode didn’t arrive with the free-to-play multiplayer game’s launch last year, but the creation tool is now expected to arrive in November alongside the game’s biggest and most robust update. Sadly, however, 343 Industries also confirmed in the same update that local co-op was cancelled and season 3 was delayed.

There’s going to be more videos covering Forge ahead of the November release, with topics like scripting and bots, lighting and audio, and file sharing all getting dedicated videos. You can learn more in an official 343 Industries blog post.

If you fancy checking out some amazing creations from Halo Infinite’s Forge before it’s even been officially released, there’s been a Forge mode Toy Story map, and even a Forge Mario Kart recreation as well.