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Halo Infinite Forge mode used to recreate Andy’s room in Toy Story

The Halo Infinite Forge mode has already brought us a new version of horror game PT, but now one builder is using the FPS to make Andy’s bedroom from Toy Story

Halo Infinite Forge mode used to recreate Andy’s room in Toy Story: Master Chief from Halo Infinite stands poised for battle

The Halo Infinite Forge mode has already been used to create a variety of imaginative and inventive builds, including a reimagining of the cancelled Silent Hill horror game PT, but now one visionary player is creating a full-scale recreation of Andy’s iconic bedroom from Toy Story.

With its blue, cartoon-cloud wallpaper, the Pixar luxo ball, and the extremely comfy-looking double bed, Andy’s room is carved into our memory owing to the classic Toy Story movies and also, if you were young enough at the time – or old enough now – the Toy Story 2 tie-in game that let you explore the room at will. The Halo Infinite Forge recreation is unerringly accurate, with all the details from the Pixar movies, right down to the little green Army men scaling up the shelves.

Our favourite part, however, is the fact that it’s built to a scale that makes you feel like, rather than a Halo Spartan, you’re actually a toy – with enormous furniture, a massive ceiling, and even a gigantic Hot Wheels track that you can speed along in a Warthog, it lets you explore Andy’s room like you’re Buzz, Woody, or that spork thing from Toy Story 4.

It comes from Red Nomster, a YouTuber and “imaginary archeologist” who has previously used Forge to create a submerged military base that you can explore underwater, and an incredibly detailed “realistic room” that looks like the office of a kind of cyberpunk private detective. Red Nomster is posting daily updates of their Toy Story build on Twitter, and also streaming its construction via Twitch.

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