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Halo Infinite turned into free tabletop RPG with multiplayer

Dedicated Forge maker 'Red Nomster' has turned Halo Infinite into a free tabletop RPG, and you can play it with friends as of right now.

Halo Infinite Forge tabletop RPG: a Spartan in blue armor

Halo Infinite is now a free tabletop RPG thanks to one incredible Forge maker. Complete with instructions, multiplayer options, and the ability to spectate matches, the shooter now has some distinct Baldur’s Gate 3 and XCOM flavor. All it takes is a few downloads.

Forge maker ‘Red Nomster’ has done it again, this time turning Halo Infinite into a turn-based tabletop game that you can play and download at no extra cost. The possibilities with each iteration of Forge have always been basically endless, but this is truly next level for a creation in an FPS game.

‘The Halo RPG’ is a tabletop game designed entirely in Halo Infinite Forge, which Red Nomster themself describes as like a version of DnD or Baldur’s Gate. In order to win, one side (either the UNSC or Covenant, naturally) has to eradicate the other, but if the UNSC successfully escorts a marine back to their side of the map, they can win this way, too.

Note cards within the map explain the full rules, solving the problem whereby Forge doesn’t otherwise offer a method of explaining custom modes. You’ll still want to watch Red Nomster’s video below to see exactly how to play in action, though.

YouTube Thumbnail

You can even play the Halo tabletop with friends while others spectate, who can then be added to the pool of players to fully join in. Nomster notes that the campaign AI’s built-in randomness – i.e. who they attack, how they attack, and if they miss – lends itself to the chance element of the game (like you’d find in a dice roll).

Red Nomster has already put The Lord of the Rings in Halo and even created a playable Halo arcade machine, too, so this is just another one of their excellent creations. The Halo tabletop RPG took them over 500 hours of passionate work, so please give it a try with some friends when you can.

You’ll find the map here, and the game type here as well so you can get started in Halo Infinite Forge.

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