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Halo has been made playable in Halo Infinite Forge (sort of)

Halo Infinite Forge mode means Halo Infinite can now be played as a 2D side scroller inside itself, which is a seriously impressive feat for the FPS game

Halo has been made playable in Halo Infinite (sort of): a close up of halo Infinite AI The Weapon

Step aside Doom, fellow FPS game Halo might just take the cake on running on weird and wonderful hardware and software, as a Halo Infinite Forge creator has managed to get Halo running inside of Halo Infinite, with a twist. This isn’t something I expected in the multiplayer game’s Forge mode, but it’s another incredibly impressive creation I can’t wait to get my hands on with Forge’s full release.

Halo Infinite Forge creator Red Nomster used the creation tools’ scripting to turn the arcade cabinet from the base game, which plays a retro version of the Halo theme, into a fully functional 2D Halo game.

While it looks rather rudimentary, it’s an incredibly impressive showcase of what’s possible in Halo Infinite Forge, as the player can interact with the arcade cabinet itself, move their mini Master Chief left and right, make him jump, and shoot grunts for perfect headshots with the assault rifle.

You can check out Red Nomster’s great video of a 2D side scroller in Halo Infinite below.

YouTube Thumbnail

There’s even some classic game design 101 baked into the arcade game, as after being taught how to jump and shoot you need to combine the two mechanics to solve a puzzle – how cool is that? Then you can call the pilot and get an extraction from the map.

Red Nomster then posits something even better: as this is the Halo Infinite Forge pre-release, files over a certain size corrupt the map, but when the full Forge releases it will be entirely possible to build a full arcade with fleshed out games that can double as a PvP arena for multiplayer matches.

Red Nomster hasn’t just pulled off something as interesting as this, he’s also made Andy’s room in Halo Infinite Forge from Toy Story, alongside an ongoing project of many locations from Middle-Earth, with The Shire becoming a Halo Infinite Lord of the Rings map as well.