How to fix the Halo Infinite Xbox Gaming Services bug on PC

If you're stuggling to launch the Halo Infinite campaign from the Xbox app, we've got you covered with an easy fix.

Master Chief looking at his new AI companion

It may be hard to believe, but Halo Infinite marks the first time a game in the mainline series has launched simultaneously on both gaming PCs and Xbox consoles. Unfortunately, players attempting to launch the game via the Xbox app are finding themselves facing off against the Xbox Gaming Services page instead of The Banished.

Worry not – Reddit user IEatBlackBeans has identified a potential fix that should get you up and running in no time.  We’ve also reached out to Microsoft, asking for an estimation on when this bug should be ironed out. While this particular issue doesn’t affect the Steam version of the game, reports indicate that players are unable to bring their campaign saves with them to their Xbox consoles.

Once you get in-game, you might also find there are problems with your frame rate. To make your adventure on Zeta Halo much smoother, you can easily boost fps once you know how to disable Halo Infinite high-res textures.

Here’s how to fix the Halo Infinite Xbox Gaming Services bug:

  • Press the ‘Windows Key’ + ‘I’ simultaneously on your keyboard
  • Select the ‘Apps’ section from the menu selection
  • Find Halo Infinite in the application list
  • Left-click Halo Infinite to reveal ‘Advanced options’
  • Find the ‘Reset’ button and left-click it
  • Open the Xbox app and ‘reinstall’ Halo Infinite

Don’t worry about having to actually reinstall/redownload the game, as it should be ready to launch after a few moments.