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Lego Halo is built by a single dev, has fully playable deathmatches

Lego Halo, once a distant dream for fans of 343’s space FPS, is finally a reality, as one solo dev creates a blocky tribute to Master Chief.

Lego Halo game: Master Chief from Halo, in Lego form

Lego Halo. It seems like a match made in whatever the Covenant’s equivalent is of heaven. Between Master Chief, the UNSC Marines, Elites, Needlers, Warthogs, and every other iconic character and hunk of equipment in 343 and Bungie’s world, Lego and Halo ought to go together like two SMGs. Somehow, though, amidst Halo Infinite, the new TV show, and all the classics like Combat Evolved, Reach, and ODST, it’s never happened – until now. Created as a passion project by one single solitary developer, who has also built blocky homages to Fallout and God of War, Lego Halo is finally here, with fully playable multiplayer deathmatches to boot.

Between Halo 5 and the bewilderingly open-world Halo Infinite, the heyday of Bungie and 343’s once-superlative FPS game is starting to feel further and further behind us. But there is life in the Master Chief yet. Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Reach, ODST – that’s an undeniably excellent run. I’m personally very partial to Halo 4, especially that section on the Mammoth, and the battles where you’re piloting the Mantis. Halo isn’t finished yet. Passionate fan projects like Lego Halo prove there’s still plenty of love for Bungie and 343’s icon.

Created by ‘ThrillDaWill,’ Lego Halo takes the best guns and vehicles from the entire Haloverse and rebuilds them into blocky, bricky new versions. The maps are Lego. The characters are Lego. Even the Jackals are Lego. Rather than single-player missions, ThrillDaWill has recreated the classic Halo multiplayer, allowing you to play complete deathmatches against one another using Lego versions of all your favorite Halo weapons.

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The maker of Lego Fallout and Lego God of War, ThrillDaWill will release Lego Halo for free. There’s no specific release date yet but, with the fangame complete, you can expect to try it yourself in the very near future.

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