Fallout Lego is real and you can play the blocky Bethesda RPG now

Fallout Lego is here and you can play the blocky version of Bethesda’s RPG game right now, as we wait for Elder Scrolls 6 and the Starfield release date

Fallout Lego is real and you can play the blocky Bethesda RPG now: A Lego man from the Fallout Leg version of the Bethesda RPG

Fallout Lego has long been a dream of fans of the Bethesda RPG game, a whole, actual videogame, mirroring the style of Lego Star Wars, Lego Indiana Jones, and all those Traveller’s Tales hits. Well, as the apocalypse and survival franchise turns 25 years old, and we await further news on Elder Scrolls 6 and the Starfield release date, Fallout Lego is actually here. And you can play it now. For free.

Created by developer ThrillDaWill, LEGO Fallout, to give it the correct styling, lets you explore Bethesda’s nuclear wastes as reimagined into chunky, and probably quite harsh on your feet, Lego blocks. You can access your Pip Boy, use VATS, and collect gear. There’s even a Fatman nuke launcher, which makes your enemies explode – traditional Fallout style – into beautiful plumes of red Lego studs. Since its initial launch, ThrillDaWill has released updates for LEGO Fallout to fix issues with inventory, respawn, and a few missing missions.

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It looks very pretty, and the functionality here is surprising given LEGO Fallout is a free fan project. Nevertheless, with millions of Lego bricks to load, it might give your PC a hard time.

Though the game has just been updated in October, ThrillDaWill outlines the development, and their initial goals, in a very funny announcement video. You can download LEGO Fallout now from Itch.

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Who knows? Maybe in the future we’ll get an official Fallout Lego collaboration, or perhaps that Fallout 5 release date. In the meantime, we have all those Starfield planets to look forward to and explore, as well as the Starfield cities, and everything we know about Starfield ship building, so you’re ready to hit the stars when Bethesda’s new RPG finally arrives.