Halo Infinite multiplayer reignites “dumb fun” with wacky FPS playlist

A new Halo Infinite multiplayer playlist is being praised by fans of the multiplayer FPS game, as it brings back the downright bonkers game modes of the series

Halo Infinite multiplayer reignites "dumb fun" with wacky FPS playlist: Halo Infinite's The Weapon looks confused

A new Halo Infinite multiplayer playlist is bringing back the FPS game’s wacky ideas and wonderful modes in the multiplayer game. It looks like 343 Industries is continuing to channel the pure chaos of Bungie era Halo where it can by giving us Spartans outlandish weapons and match settings to go charging into battle with, even if they don’t make any sense within the canon of the Halo universe.

As far as multiplayer game’s go, Halo Infinite has struggled since its launch last year, but 343 Industries itself has called one of its new rotated playlists “dumb fun,” and it looks like players are agreeing with and enjoying the setiment.

Basically, there’s now a Ranked Free-For-All playlist with FFA Slayer and King of the Hill, and a playlist called Social Slayer. This playlist has plenty of wacky modes, with one developer saying Reddit that they’re “excited to have some more ‘dumb fun’ content hit matchmaking. Be sure to give us feedback over on Waypoint, here, on Twitter, wherever.”

Halo Infinite Social Slayer playlist game modes

  • Kong Slayer
  • Ninja Slayer
  • Purple Reign Slayer – low gravity, bottomless clip needlers, with grapple hooks and plasma grenades
  • Rock ‘n’ Repulsors Slayer
  • Rocket Dodgeball – twist on attrition with shared respawns, kills add respawns back to the pool, but players have explosive loadouts

Players have also seemed to react positively to these changes and more wacky multiplayer additions in Halo Infinite, as the over-the-top fun of these modes seems to be exactly what people want to see after the constant droughts of content for the game. You can find the developer comments on the new playlists in this Reddit thread.

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