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Halo Infinite is “somewhere in between” an open world and traditional Halo

"Our goal wasn't to make other types of games that you've seen, it was to make the best Halo experience"

Halo Infinite made its gameplay debut as part of the Xbox Games Showcase today, and between the massive environments and open-world-style map screens hinting at subquests it seemed we might be getting Halo’s take on Skyrim – though not quite. Halo Infinite is “somewhere in between” a traditional Halo experience and a full open world.

Asked whether Infinite would feature a contiguous open world Halo ring or discrete zones, 343’s Paul Crocker says in a Q&A session with press that “it’s somewhere in between. We have a lot of stuff that we haven’t shown today. We’re trying to build our open and expansive world where the player gets to explore, as we’ve said before. There’s also a lot of stuff that comes from all your memories of classic Halo in the way that we are doing up some of our spaces and where you find your secrets. You’re going to find out all about this when you get to play the game.”

Crocker says the campaign is “bigger than our previous two games combined, but it’s intrinsically Halo in the way that we have approached it. Our goal wasn’t to make other types of games that you’ve seen, it was to make the best Halo experience, and to take everything about being Halo and put it onto the ring and make the experience that people have been crying out for.”

You can check out that campaign gameplay again below.

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343 clearly isn’t ready to fully break down the details ahead of the Halo Infinite release date just yet. The studio has publicly noted that details on multiplayer are coming in the future, and in our Q&A session the devs were reticent to talk specifics on anything beyond what was shown in the demo.