A Halo Infinite prequel is coming and fans hate it’s not DLC

Halo: The Rubicon Protocol is a new Halo Infinite prequel that tells the events before the game - but it's not playable DLC, and fans are upset by this

A Halo Infinite prequel novel is coming, HALO: THE RUBICON PROTOCOL

A Halo Infinite prequel story is coming in August, which is set to explain some of the events that happened in the six months before Master Chief reawakened and arrived on Zeta Halo – but it’s not new Halo Infinite DLC for the FPS game, and fans are upset and confused by this.

Halo: The Rubicon Protocol is actually a new Halo novel by author Kelly Gay, who wrote the Rion Forge/Ace of Spades Halo books, and it’s the first official tie-in story for Halo Infinite. It explains what happens to the Spartans on Zeta Halo and goes further into the Banished invasion before Master Chief was revived. It releases on August 9 and you can check out a preview here.

Interesting stuff, but fans are upset and even confused that such a vital story is being left as a tie-in novel rather than campaign DLC. The Halo Infinite campaign only explains what happened in those six months via audio logs, and it seemed a natural fit for an expansion. While campaign co-op is coming, no additional story DLC for Halo Infinite single-player has been announced.

While the story could be great, the lack of Halo Infinite campaign DLC and the growing discontent with the multiplayer side is something that needs to be addressed – especially with how much the story leaves open. Also, the use of the word “witness” in the official tweet, combined with how it doesn’t mention that Halo: The Rubicon Protocol is a novel, would explain the confusion.

Nevertheless, if you do want to find out what happened on Zeta Halo prior to the events of Halo Infinite, The Rubicon Protocol releases on August 9.

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It’s not the only exciting-sounding tie-in novel releasing this year, either. A Dark Souls novel from a veteran Star Wars author is out now, and a World of Warcraft: Dragonflight prequel novel is out in November.