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Halo Infinite energy drink rewards are here, nature is healing

Master Chief is back on energy drink cans, all is right with the world

Halo Infinite-branded cans of Rockstar Energy

We are just a couple of months away from the Halo Infinite release date, and if you couldn’t feel the energy in the air already, the branded junk food hitting your local supermarkets and convenience stores might help set the stage. Something just feels right about cracking open a can of liquid energy with Master Chief’s face on the side, you know?

As of October 1, Halo Infinite-branded Rockstar Energy drinks are available at retail in the US and Canada, featuring special art designed to “celebrate the heroism of Master Chief”, as the announcement so dramatically puts it. The artists bringing “their interpretation of the Spartan’s bravery and strength to life” include Matt Taylor, Oliver Barrett, Dan Mumford, Yuko Shimizu, and Joshua M. ‘Hydro74’ Smith.

As you’d expect, you’ll find digital codes under the cans that will unlock both challenge swaps and double XP. You’ll also get a handful of exclusive, cosmetic rewards, including special coatings for the MA40, Warthog, and Razorback, plus a unique emblem. To get everything, you’d need to pop six cans, including one from a Circle K store. (But you will continue to get more XP doublers and challenge swaps up through 120 codes, so feel free to develop an unhealthy energy drink habit.)

You can get full details on the rules over on the official site.

Hopefully Halo Infinite suffers no more delays, so that Rockstar doesn’t suffer the same indignities that Monster Energy did last year. There are plenty of other snacks to grab double XP in right now, too.