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Halo Infinite Steam reviews swing to ‘mostly positive’ with new patch

Steam players are really loving Halo Infinite's latest update, which adds more Forge options, and a new multiplayer gameplay mode.

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Even though Halo Infinite launched to rocky reception, its post-launch journey has been received well by fans who stuck with it. So well that the recent Steam reviews for Halo Infinite have swung the shooter toward a ‘Mostly Positive’ rating after its new patch, adding more Forge additions and a Firefight: King of the Hill gameplay mode.

Developer 343 Industries dropped this recent patch during the ongoing Season 5 as a mid-season update to address issues with online stability, add new multiplayer content, and more to Halo Infinite. Unlike its early days, the FPS game is a much fuller game now, with several things to do with other players, and the new Season 5 update has convinced fans to review the game positively.

“With the release of Season 5, [Halo Infinite] finally feels like a full game and is worth checking out,” states one Steam player in their review, another user highlighting that “a lot of the changes show 343 is listening to the players… Good campaign and so many modes in multiplayer to choose from.”

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Like its growing positive reception, Halo Infinite has also been pulling in more and more players over the months. It peaked from 6,725 players in September 2023 to around 18,000 in October. That number has fallen to 13,310 in the last 30 days, but the shooter is fairing way better in average player numbers than before, with 5,200 players playing consistently. 

But while positive reception may have swung in Halo Infinite’s favor, some players are still dissatisfied with the game’s current position and various features. These players on Steam point toward the live service multiplayer being “the worst of any Halo series” and are critical of 343’s slow pace to add what they believe as “basic game modes” to Halo Infinite. There’s still more work needed for 343 Industries to win back over these fans, but so far, the developer has followed through on improving the game one step at a time.

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