Halo Infinite joins hectic FPS period with big Season 5 player jump

Halo Infinite Season 5 sees the FPS get its highest player count in over a year, as it joins the turbulent shooter season alongside Battlefield and CoD.

Halo Infinite Season 5 players: a spartan holding a purple crystal

Halo Infinite has re-emerged during this year’s shooter season alongside games like Battlefield 2042, as the Xbox multiplayer game has seen its highest concurrent player count on Steam in quite some time, likely due to the barrage of content that’s dropped with the brand-new Season 5: Reckoning.

Each new Halo Infinite season does see the FPS game’s player count rise, but it’s this newest season that has seen quite the spike. With loads of great additions to the game, Halo Infinite Season 5 Reckoning already has a peak of 18,007 players. This is around triple what the game typically gets.

The last time we saw anything near this was with the launch of Season 2 in May 2022, when we saw 21,403 players on Wednesday, May 4. Player spikes like this are expected around new seasonal content drops, but this is the best Halo Infinite has done in around a year and a half.

Halo Infinite Season 5 players: the SteamDb player count for Halo Infinite

This also comes at a really interesting time, as Battlefield 2042 had its highest player count since launch over the MW3 beta weekend thanks to its free play period. Payday 3 has also lost 90% of its Steam playerbase while its predecessor Payday 2 continues to steadily thrive.

Each of these games is in a different scenario, sure, but we’re in a strange time right now where the unexpected can happen. Perhaps Halo Infinite can finally hold on to these extra players, but only time will tell.

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Loads is going on in Halo Infinite Season 5, too, so it’s the perfect time to jump back in. We’ve got Flood-inspired cosmetics, free and premium battle passes, classic armor skins, new game modes, and so much more. I’ve expressed concern about Halo Infinite Season 5’s Mark V armor, which is a recreation of the set from the original game, but on the whole, I’ve been finding Infinite’s newest update a lot of fun so far. I just want them to keep me around this time.

In the meantime, we’ve got all the free Steam games you need to add to your library alongside the Halo Infinite system requirements if you’re jumping into the shooter for the first time.