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Halo Infinite players asked if they’re “done” with the shooter

A Halo Infinite survey about player reactions to 343 industries and potential future content has been sent out by Xbox, and it asks a lot of great questions.

Halo Infinite players asked if they're "done" with the shooter

The future of Halo Infinite, and the Halo series as a whole, has been up in the air recently. Xbox’s flagship FPS game series has had a rocky time since Halo Infinite launched, with recent layoffs across Microsoft casting doubt on the franchise’s future. 343 Industries has since said it is here to stay, which has been backed up by Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, and now it looks like an Xbox survey wants to know what you think about the Master Chief’s iconic series.

Surveys aren’t indicative of the death or revival of a game series, but Xbox has been asking players where they stand with Halo Infinite, which is likely in an attempt to help plan out the series’ next moves.

An Xbox Research survey shared by Rebs Gaming on Twitter is asking players a lot of questions, but the most interesting is undoubtedly “are you done with Halo Infinite?”

As a live service game, Halo Infinite needs a constant influx of both players and content to survive, so I’m sure the results from that question specifically will be viewed carefully. Players can also answer agree/disagree on statements like “I think 343 industries is listening and making changes to Halo Infinite based on community feedback”, and “which traditional Halo multiplayer game modes would you most like to see added to Halo Infinite?” with the options being:

  • Infection
  • Firefight
  • Assault
  • Extraction
  • Breakout
  • Dominion
  • Juggernaut
  • Invasion
  • Flood

This question specifically does not confirm that any of these modes are coming back, but combined with a few questions concerning how players feel about 343 Industries, I can see the popular results of this poll being taken to the team for them to see what they might be able to add into the multiplayer game.

If you want to get involved, you can head over to the Xbox Research website and sign up to be sent relevant surveys for your feedback.

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