Halo Infinite ranks – new ranking system explained

Here is how to improve your Halo Infinite ranks, what game types are available to play in ranked, and what the key differences are from other modes

A gunfight in Halo Infinite multiplayer

Want to know how Halo Infinite ranks work? In addition to the many unranked game types on offer, the free-to-play FPS game has a ranked mode where players can compete against each other in tense matches. The match’s outcome determines how many points players gain or lose towards the next rank.

But how do you rise through the Halo Infinite ranks? Theoretically, it’s straightforward: play well in every ranked arena match. However, that’s not easy to put into practice. The ranked arena playlist has several game types on rotation: Slayer, Capture the Flag, Oddball, and Strongholds. You must complete ten matches in ranked arena mode to earn a starting rank in one of the many ranked leaderboards.

To increase your rank, you need to perform well in matches by killing enemy Spartans, assisting allies in killing enemies, or completing objectives in any non-Slayer match types. As long as you aren’t constantly dying and you play well, you should make progress towards the next rank after every match. However, a poor performance will take away some progress towards the next rank, and you don’t want that to happen.

Halo Infinite ranks in order

While playing in ranked arena mode, there are several key differences to the game rules you should know before shooting your first bullet.

Here are all the current Halo Infinite ranked arena gameplay differences:

  • All players spawn with just a Battle Rifle and two grenades
  • You do not have a second weapon or gadget whenever you respawn
  • The Combat Sensor is disabled for all match types
  • Friendly fire is on for every weapon, including grenades
  • All grenade hit markers are disabled

The Halo Infinite ranks themselves are split into six different ranks, with multiple levels throughout.

Here are the Halo Infinite ranks in order:

  • Bronze: I – VI
  • Silver: I – VI
  • Gold: I – VI
  • Platinum: I – VI
  • Diamond: I – VI
  • Onyx

That’s how the Halo Infinite ranks work, but while they’re just for bragging rights, there is also a free and premium version of the battle pass available that unlocks new cosmetic items for your Spartan. Even if you’re starting the game at the end of a season, these battle passes do not expire, and you can continue to work your way through the tiers when future Halo Infinite multiplayer seasons launch.

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There are other ways to unlock new cosmetic items, such as opening Mjolnir Armory lockers to get Halo Infinite multiplayer skins from the campaign, completing the Halo Infinite weekly challenge in multiplayer, and during events such as the Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai event.