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New Halo Infinite event armour surfaces in datamine

Fortnite dataminer Fire Monkey has dug up some of the gear from Halo Infinite's upcoming Tactical Ops event

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It looks like the rewards from Halo Infinite’s upcoming Tactical Ops event have found their way online. Prolific Fortnite dataminer FireMonkey has taken to Twitter to share armour, coating, and more from the upcoming occasion (thanks, GamesRadar), though the special playlist isn’t currently known.

Alongside the Mark V Zeta helmet and Mauros attachment, you might be getting steel and orange armour coating, a Spartan pose, and various experience boosts. The dataminer also shares that the event will run from February 8 to 21, 2022, so you may have a wait on your hands. While FireMonkey doesn’t know what the special playlist will be, they did come across a few things called Tactical: Slayer Stalkers, Commandos, Sidekicks, and Manglers. Due to the usage of ‘Tactical’, they guess it could be related to the upcoming playlist. As ever with datamines, keep in mind that the loot hasn’t been confirmed by 343 Industries and could be subject to change.

Recently, the developer confirmed that Halo Infinite is getting more free content-focused events alongside Fracture: Tenrai called Winter Contingency, Cyber Showdown, and Tactical Ops.

While Tenrai is wrapping up this week, though, it looks like reward progression could look different when the next event rolls around. 343 Industries head of design Jerry Hook has taken to Twitter to say that he’s “feeling everyone’s pain on progression” and that looking at the issue is “top” of the team’s list of things to do this week.

Halo Infinite devs initially made a design pass at the game’s battle pass not long after launch, making it easier to grind. Regardless, though, some fans felt that events didn’t offer enough progression for the time they put in.

For more details on the current Halo Infinite battle pass, you can follow that link.