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How to play custom maps in Halo: Reach Forge

The feature may not be here in full just yet, but players have found a workaround

Halo: Reach multiplayer

How do you add Halo: Reach Forge custom maps into the game? While the Halo games are known for their punchy campaigns and gripping PvP encounters, the Halo Forge mode is another special place that players have spent a lot of time in.

Halo: Reach’s Forge gives players the tools to create their own maps and craft custom rule sets to make their own experiences. If you’ve seen our Fortnite creative codes feature, it’ll look somewhat familiar. While Forge mode has popped up in several Halo games, a few modes have become fairly common. Our personal favourite is Duck Hunt, which involves a team of snipers trying to hit a team of runners who attempt to navigate a maze.

The Halo: Reach Forge mode hasn’t landed on PC just yet, but 343 Industries has confirmed that it’ll be here soon – it’ll just take more time. Luckily for us, though, there is a workaround to tide us over until then. Read on to find out how to play custom maps in Halo: Reach Forge.

How to play custom maps in Halo: Reach Forge

The best way to play custom maps in Halo: Reach right now is by downloading the Forge 2.0 mod. Doing so gives you access to 501 maps and 331 game modes, including Jenga, Indiana Jones, Fat Kid, Lord of the Rings’ Minas Tirith, and – most importantly – Duck Hunt. The installation process is pretty smooth, too. We would recommend checking it out on the mod’s description page as to avoid any confusion.

And there you have it, how to play custom maps in Halo: Reach Forge. In short, Halo: Reach mods have come to our rescue again, as they tend to do in the happy land of PC gaming. If you’re looking to kill some time elsewhere, though, you can check out our guides on how Halo: Reach season points work and how they help you unlock Halo: Reach armor.

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