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Hearthstone card reveal - meet Scourge Tamer

Our Hearthstone card reveal is for the Scourge Tamer, a Hunter minion that lets players use a mechanic that hasn’t seen the light of day for five years

Hearthstone card reveal - meet Scourge Tamer: A Hearthstone Scourge Tamer card on a colourful blue background

The final Hearthstone expansion of the year is almost here, reintroducing the legendary Lich King and his scourge army to Blizzard’s classic card game. The March of the Lich King expansion also sets the stage for Hearthstone’s newest class, the Death Knight. All players gain access to the Death Knight’s 32-card core set for free when the expansion launches on December 6, 2022.

New players may not know that this isn’t the Lord of the Scourge’s first time at the Hearthstone rodeo, but this time he’s bringing a few of the Knights of the Frozen Throne mechanics back with him. The Reborn keyboard returns, as does Hunter’s ability to squash two beasts together to form a nightmarish new creation.

The newest Hunter card is none other than Scourge Tamer, an epic two mana undead minion with two attack and two health. Scourge Tamer’s battlecry effect lets you craft a custom Zombeast, a special minion stitched together using two creatures from Hearthstone’s pool of beasts. The combined minion features the card text, stats, and mana cost of both minions which opens the door to some wacky minions.

Your custom Zombeast can be designed to fit your current board state, or where you think the game might be heading over the next few turns. What makes Scourge Tamer so powerful is that its effect is useful at different points during a match, and it only sets you back two mana. If you play Scourge Tamer on turn two, you can try to create a minion that can be played on curve if you’re piloting an aggressive deck. When played in the late game, your Zombeast can save you in clutch moments when your opponent’s board starts to outshine yours.

Hearthstone card reveal - meet Scourge Tamer: A Hearthstone Scourge Tamer card on a colourful blue background

As Scourge Tamer features the Undead minion type, it also synergises with a host of other new cards in the expansion and can benefit from their effects. Whether it’s a battlecry that grants a friendly Undead Reborn, or a deathrattle that specifically draws an Undead card, there are plenty of options for building a deck around this new minion type. Scourge Tamer slots right in and allows you to harness the powerful abilities of this new set of cards, while providing you with a card that slots in alongside other beasts.

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