Hearthstone’s revenues are down because of “unpopular” changes, say analyst firm Superdata

Hearthstone Shaman

According to analyst firm Superdata, Hearthstone is on the decline. This downward trend, they say, is because of “recent gameplay decisions”. 

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Hearthstone seems to be struggling most on mobile, where revenue is down month-on-month and it’s currently at its lowest point.

Revenue is down on PC also, but not quite as dramatically, though Superdata didn’t reveal any actual figures. 

“Recent gameplay decisions have been unpopular with the Hearthstone community, and the result has been a sharp decrease in conversion on mobile,” say Superdata. “Desktop revenue is also down, but to a lesser extent, perhaps due to the more “hardcore” demographic on PC.” 

Obviously a game’s revenues are expected to fall off towards the end of a cycle, so Blizzard may have expected to see this decrease. It’ll be interesting to see if the new expansion, Journey to Un'Goro, will bring people back and get them buying card packs again. 

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Jenks avatarscrlg avatar
Jenks Avatar
2 Weeks ago

I don't play or follow this game closely, I think adding in what gameplay changes were made to the article would have made this better.

scrlg Avatar
1 Week ago

Nice of superdata to say the sales are declining while providing absolutely no evidence.


scrlg Avatar
1 Week ago

Also, what serious data analyst service would ever include something as foolish as their own foolish assertion, as to why the sales are increasing/decreasing.

How embarrassing for this company, assuming they were ever taken seriously by anyone to begin with, which may or may not be the case.