Hell Let Loose devs “deeply apologize” after glitch-filled trailer

Hell Let Loose devs Team 17 and Cover 6 apologize after the Devotion to Duty trailer features a number of glitches, and the shooter faces Steam review bombing.

Hell Let Loose trailer apology: A german soldier looks upwards in FPS game Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose developers Team 17 and Cover 6 say they are “sorry” after a trailer for the upcoming Devotion to Duty update featured a number of technical and visual glitches, leading the community to review bomb the FPS game on Steam. In a statement sent to PCGamesN, the developers say they have been “slower” than they had hoped with regards to addressing issues with gameplay in Hell Let Loose, and that they are “embracing” player feedback ahead of future updates.

Devotion to Duty is an upcoming Hell Let Loose update that introduces a new 25v25 mode set around the famous Brécourt Manor Assault from World War 2. As previously reported, the Devotion to Duty trailer features a number of visual errors, including an ammunition magazine clipping through the top of a Garand rifle and a pair of disembodied arms floating around a battlefield.

In response to the trailer, Hell Let Loose has received a number of negative responses on Steam, relegating its ‘recent review’ status from ‘mostly positive’ to ‘mixed.’ The trailer has since been removed from the official Hell Let Loose YouTube channel, but is still available via the PC Gaming Show, where it debuted on June 11.

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PCGamesN contacted Team 17 following the launch of the Devotion to Duty trailer. The developer has now issued a statement, saying that Team 17 and co-developer Cover 6 “deeply apologize.”

“We’re sorry, everyone,” Team 17 writes. “What we’d hoped would be an exciting and immersive trailer for our next update, Devotion to Duty, has unfortunately fallen short of expectations. We understand that you were eagerly awaiting the trailer, and we deeply apologize for the disappointment, frustration, and sense of let-down felt among the community.

“Hell Let Loose has always aimed to provide an authentic and immersive experience, and the latest updates haven’t reflected this as well as they should have. We hear and value your feedback and are dedicated to actioning it across future updates.”

Black Matter, the original developer of Hell Let Loose, left the WW2 game in February to begin work on a new project. Continued development of the war shooter was handed over to Team 17 and Cover 6, which say their recent updates have “fallen short of expectations.”

“Like Hell Let Loose, communication is the key to success, something we are continuing to work to improve,” the developers say. “With an initial focus on improving the Hell Let Loose experience, we have been slower than we had hoped in addressing the core gameplay and meta, with our latest updates having fallen short of expectations. Although such changes won’t happen overnight, our commitment remains unwavering.

Hell Let Loose trailer apology: A German soldier stands before a burning battlefield in FPS game Hell Let Loose

“We want to improve on each update we deliver and are learning from and embracing your experiences and feedback. We will take steps to address this in future updates and are revisiting the ways in which we can actively work with you, with a renewed focus on delivering the best possible Hell Let Loose experience.”

The next Hell Let Loose developer briefing will arrive on June 16 and outline the full patch that is scheduled for June 22. Team 17 and Cover 6 say that subsequent briefings will offer information on other known issues as well as details on future quality-of-life improvements.

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