Helldivers 2’s best exploit has nothing to do with shooting

Helldivers 2 involves using a lot of guns to take down multiple alien threats, but the multiplayer game has a trick that's better than guns.

Helldivers 2 best exploit: a soldier in black space marine armor holding up a fist

Protecting democracy requires more than just bullets. You need determination, courage, and a little bit of intelligence to boot. Helldivers 2 requires all of the above if you want to total eradicate the bug scourge (and the robot one, too). As such, there’s one trick you might be overlooking that should help with your efforts.

I’ve been playing Helldivers 2 in co-op, and my bestie and I are (very) gradually making progress. We’re making inroads into the multiplayer game, figuring out our strategies and little exploits that make domination easier.

We figured one out by accident, while trying, and failing, to battle the Bile Titan, a gigantic bug you’re occasionally tasked with subduing. After the umpteenth death, my partner decided to crash his respawn pod through the insect. And wouldn’t you know it, victory was ours. Suddenly the co-op game seemed a lot more manageable, and a lot more fun.

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When you’re re-entering a mission through reinforcements, you control a diving hellpod. You’ve limited time, but if you can use the thrusters to come down on a bug, you’ll flatten them. See, Arrowhead’s military satire has some realism.

The same logic extends to any supplies you call in. Getting ammo or a new weapon from your ship sends out a pod just like for reinforcements. If you time it right when something nasty is on your tail, the pod will slam right through them. Needs a bit of luck and a bit of finesse, but having done it a couple of times, I can confirm it’s both possible and immensely satisfying.

If you want more tricks, our sibling site The Loadout has a list of Helldivers 2 tips. If you haven’t booted up the action-adventure game yet, make sure to check the Helldivers 2 system requirements first.

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