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Helldivers 2 dev calls for “more compassion and union”

Helldivers 2's developer Arrowhead Game Studios CEO Johan Pilestedt shot down fans attempts to compare the hit game to Xbox's Halo

Helldivers 2 is arguably the biggest hit of the year so far in the gaming world. The third-person shooter has exploded in popularity with its over-the-top comedy and fast-paced gameplay, leading many fans to become feverishly loyal to the game quite rapidly. As we know in gaming, practicing diehard loyalty to a specific game or platform can breed toxicity, and now the CEO of developer Arrowhead Game Studios and creative director of Helldivers 2 Johan Pilestedt has called out specific fans who have voiced divisive opinions comparing the game to its contemporaries on opposing platforms.

Fighting for democracy is the name of the game in Helldivers 2, but some fans have taken the ‘fighting’ bit of the game a bit too seriously. As it continues to explode on Steam, the co-op game has, naturally, built a massive following online. And, with that new fanbase comes some more unsavory types who have forgotten one important lesson in life: comparison is the thief of joy.

On Saturday March 2, Jonah Pilestedt, the creative director for Helldivers 2, took to Twitter to respond to an account that had sent a tweet claiming Helldivers 2 is better than Halo, stating, “Sorry Xbots, but everyone knows it’s the TRUTH.”

The player, whose bio fittingly reads ‘Playstation Master Race,’ is clearly fanning the flames of the platform wars as Helldivers 2 is available exclusively on PS5 and PC. Pilestedt shuts down their divisive comments and responds, “Why compare? Just let gamers love and enjoy both, either or neither. We need more compassion and union in the world, and less rivalry.”

Pilestedt’s call for more unity in the gaming world, rather than divisiveness, surely is a wholesome one. Although it feels like the platform wars are unbelievably played out at this point, there are still those on social media farming for clicks with attempts to pit fans of one specific franchise or platform against another. Clearly, Pilestedt was tired of seeing that message being spread in the name of his game.

This message is especially powerful when considering that Helldivers 2 is entirely based on players working together in co-op play and avoiding toxicity altogether in order to spread the beauty that is democracy.

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