Helldivers 2’s “significant disturbance” getting a long-term fix soon

Helldivers 2 suffered a large issue recently, and Arrowhead is hard at work at a more permanent update to address the game's problems.

Helldivers 2

The perils of being popular. Helldivers 2 is one of the biggest games on PC and PlayStation 5 right now, and that’s a double-edged sword for the developers. The success means their hard work has paid off, but on the flip side, there have been issues. A rather large blip happened sometime around Saturday, February 1o, and developer Arrowhead Studios has been quick to specify that repairs are underway – but they’ll take time.

Helldivers 2 suffered a “significant disturbance”, something that impacted a lot of the multiplayer game‘s players with bugs and connection issues. Arrowhead was quick to provide a remedy, but it’s just a small plaster on a larger problem that needs fixing. A larger update is in the works, but the devs need some time to make it happen.

“We have now alleviated the issue and healthy login patterns seem to be coming back!” Maria Cornelius, COO of Arrowhead, said in a statement on the game’s Discord. “We will be monitoring this for the next few hours and start working on a long-term solution immediately.”

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Cornelius states a lot of resources are going into fixing the cyber bugs in the action-adventure game, so we can smoothly attack the enemy bugs as Helldivers. “We are continuously working on improving our processes so that we can be more proactive in addressing and communicating about issues,” she adds. “We are in new territory as a studio and cannot tell you just how much we appreciate your support and patience as we continue to learn.”

This blip came on top of other problems players have been encountering. Although annoying, this is just part of a new PC game being considerably more popular than planned. Good problems to have, just time-consuming. Thankfully, Helldivers 2 is published by Sony, so the financial backing and infrastructure should be there for the team to work quickly and effectively.

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