Major Helldivers 2 issues will take “a few days” to fix

Helldivers 2 is suffering some problems in matchmaking but the developers are on the case, and the multiplayer game should be sorted soon.

Helldivers 2

A lot of players have decided to jump into Helldivers 2 this week. So many, there have been issues in the multiplayer bug-shooter. Of course, any online-centric game encounters problems, such is the nature of relying on servers and having hundred of thousands of players at once. Developer Arrowhead is working on ironing on the kinks, but the team has warned a full solution might take a minute.

Helldivers 2 is having a small moment right now, since the multiplayer game actually outdid Counter-Strike 2 and Palworld on the Steam charts in the week of launch. Now that the game has come out, some players are reporting that matchmaking and jumping into missions hasn’t been as smooth as they’d like.

Problems include crashes, resulting in a lot of frustration from the community. Arrowhead has started addressing this with a patch, but maintenance is taking time. “The most important thing to highlight is that we’ve made additional improvements to matchmaking,” Mikael Eriksson, Helldivers 2 director, said in the official Discord. “A full matchmaking solution is in the works but will take a few more days to test and deploy.”

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Not an ideal situation for the first weekend of the action-adventure game, but these things happen. It’s important to be patient and let developers solve problems as they present themselves. I haven’t encountered any issues like this yet. The only glitches I’ve seen are minor supply disappearances and such.

With any luck, my experience will stay that way, thanks in part to the hard work of Arrowhead. If you’ve been eager to jump in and shoot some giant bugs, check out the Helldivers 2 system requirements, as well as six things we wish we knew before playing Helldivers 2.

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