Helldivers 2 update rolled back due to “significant degradation” issue

A new Helldivers 2 update has been rolled back by Arrowhead Game Studios after it accidentally caused severe performance issues for some.

Helldivers 2 update rolled back: a super soldier in black armor stood in front of a battlefield

Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead Game Studios has rolled back a PC patch for the co-op shooter due to some players seeing “significant degradation in performance” after updating the game. While Helldivers 2 has been PlayStation’s biggest Steam launch to date, it hasn’t been without its online issues, which have stemmed from so many people wanting to get in and play the game with friends.

Last night, Monday, January 12, Arrowhead released a patch for Helldivers 2 that aimed to get more people into matches, while trying to fix the fact that some players weren’t getting mission and progress rewards in the multiplayer game. This follows the Helldivers 2 server issues, which have stemmed from the game being so popular it literally doesn’t have enough room for everyone to play at once.

Shortly after the update went live, Arrowhead rolled it back, as players were reporting performance issues in the game. “We have rolled back the patch due to some users experiencing significant degradation in performance,” Arrowhead explains. “The mission reward fix will not be affected by this.”

Helldivers 2 update rolled back: a Discord and Reddit post about the update

A post on Reddit continues: “Tonight we tried to deploy a patch on PC that would ease up some of the server issues and missing progression. However, we were made aware that this new patch was potentially affecting a large number of players’ performance. We’re talking over the next steps now. We just wanted to keep you in the loop and let you know we are aware. We will of course put out more info as soon as we know more.”

So while some of the fixes in the patch remain, remedies for server capacity issues have been rolled back, with Arrowhead planning to issue a new fix, this time without accidentally hurting the game’s overall performance.

If you’re considering dropping in and squashing some space bugs despite the issues, you’ll want to brush up on the Helldivers 2 system requirements for PC, alongside our breakdown of Helldivers 2 Steam Deck compatibility.

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