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High on Life is an FPS game that’s “Metroid Prime, but funny!”

Irreverent FPS game High on Life isn't just taking cues from Rick and Morty, as developer Squanch Games also compares some ideas to those in Metroid Prime

High on Life is “Metroid Prime, but funny!”: a close up of three aliens, a banana looking one on the left, one with brightly coloured body armour in the middle, and one frowning on the right

High on Life is what happens when FPS games and the creatives behind the TV show Rick and Morty have a baby. With the now widely recognised tones of the show’s co-creator Justin Roiland a major part of the delightfully weird shooter’s marketing material, another comparison to a beloved shooter franchise has been made, and it’s coming from inside the house.

That’s right, High on Life’s developer Squanch Games has compared the wacky shooter to none other than Metroid Prime, with the iconic Nintendo FPS  also heavily inspiring certain aspects of development, too.

“It’s like Metroid Prime, but funny!” Squanch Games chief creative officer Mikey Spano tells Digital Trends in an interview. “Metroid Prime is the overall theme we were going for. We had the limitation of a smaller team, so we thought we couldn’t do this huge interconnected world. So we kind of fell into doing more of a structure like Metroid Prime 2: Echoes where you have a hub — which in that one is your ship and in our game is the house.

“So from there, you can go to different planets that are all connected through the house, but they’re not connected to each other,” Spano adds.

I’m sure I won’t be the first to flag how comparing your game to Metroid Prime in any capacity is certainly a confident move. That’s not to say High on Life won’t deliver, though, as it’s clear from Spano’s description that the Samus series played an integral role in some of the shooter’s design choices. With Metroid Prime 4 nowhere to be seen, though, a PC shooter that channels some of the series’ ideas can never be a totally bad thing.

With the High on Life release date right around the corner, this is certainly one way to drum up enthusiasm and talking points for your game. When it actually releases we’ll see how the Metroid Prime inspirations shake out.

If you’re excited for the Rick and Morty-esque shooter, then you may want to get informed on the High on Life system requirements, which should let you know how it will run on your rig.