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High on Life expansion finally confirms launch date, and it’s soon

Squanch Games has just confirmed a release date for High on Knife, the horror-inspired DLC for the Rick and Morty creator's silly shooter High on Life.

High on Life DLC release date: Knifey, a red knife character with giant eyes smiles, a red forest behind him

High on Life is one of those silly, surreal experiences you never shake after playing through to the end. As a massive Rick and Morty stan, I really enjoyed it despite some of its repetitive qualities. It delivered what I had expected it to, a nice package of humor and the ultimate question, “What am I even looking at?” High on Knife, Squanch Games’ DLC, excited me as soon as it was announced. Some time has passed since then, and we’ve finally received an official High on Knife release date.

The upcoming High on Life expansion initially looked like some sort of space-themed spin on a horror game. It seems like we’ll be seeing a lot more of Knifey in the DLC, the iconic sentient knife that has an endless taste for brutal murder and an insatiable thirst for blood. If any video game character has ever understood pure, undefined rage, it’s Knifey.

Squanch Games’ new DLC is also bringing other characters we’ve not yet seen, a fresh planetary setting, and more threats to overcome. High on Knife’s antagonist is Mux, a mysterious figure voiced by actor Gabourey Sidibe. One of the weapons coming with the expansion is an ex-military pistol voiced by Sarah Sherman from Saturday Night Live. So far, the cast looks great.

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You can play High on Knife when it releases on Tuesday, October 3. The timing is perfect as Halloween is just around the corner following High on Knife’s launch. With the DLC being a bit bloodier and spookier than the base game, there’s no better time to experience it than near the season’s chill-inducing holiday.

According to Destructoid, this was intentional as the Squanch Games studio director Mike Fridley says, “We really leaned into horror with High On Knife, so it only made sense to launch it around Halloween.” He also mentions that the DLC “brings more goop, nastier body horror, creepier bosses, and all kinds of strange new stuff.” Squanch Games hasn’t provided an official price for High on Knife, but we do know it won’t be free.

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